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HemaGel 5 g

Hydrophilic gel suitable for the treatment of acute and chronic wounds

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HemaGel 5 g VH Pharma
Manufacturer:VH Pharma
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HemaGel is suitable for the treatment of superficial skin wounds. It speeds up the wound healing process, also prevents the formation of scabs and thus improves the appearance of a possible scar.
Hydrophilic gel will help diabetics with impaired wound healing.
It is also used in the healing of both acute wounds (e.g. minor injuries at home, during sports or games) and chronic wounds such as leg ulcers caused by damage to the venous or arterial system, diabetic foot, bedsores, post-operative other skin damage.

  •      it covers the wound from secondary infection from the outside
  •      forms a flexible mechanical protective layer on the wound
  •      significantly increases the effect of moist wound healing
  •      absorbs secretions from the wound, supports the growth and formation of granulation tissue
  •      in the case of necrosis, dead cells are detached
  •      softens and softens new tissue, prevents compression of scar tissue
  •      adds moisture to the wound, prevents the formation of scabs, crusts and cracking of the dried wound
  •      unique Czech patent developed by the Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic

Pack size 5g
Medical device, read the instructions for use carefully!

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