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Allpresan Diabetic Intensive Repair 8% Urea 125 ml

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Allpresan Diabetic Intensive Repair 8% Urea 125 ml
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The cream foam Allpresan diabetic Intensiv + Repair was developed for the daily care of very dry and cracked skin on the feet of diabetics. The cream foam intensively supplies the skin of the feet with moisture and lipids and hydrates it. The patented BarrioExpert Lipo 2 technology with skin lipids strengthens the skin barrier of the skin and thus locks in moisture in the skin. It creates a protective network on the skin without disturbing the natural functions of the skin.

Allpresan® diabetic Intensive Repair

For very dry and cracked skin of diabetics
Provides intense moisture to the skin of the feet and legs
The patented technology strengthens the psychological barrier of the skin so that moisture does not escape from the skin
It is possible to get dressed immediately after use, also suitable under compression stockings
With biomimetic lipids
8% Urea
100 ml
BarrioExpert LIPO² Skin-Repair-Technology

The skin's own lipids (biomimetic) fit into the gaps of the disrupted skin barrier like perfectly fitting puzzle pieces
It creates an environment that supports the skin's own regeneration.
A scientific study proves: Restores a healthy skin barrier in just 4 weeks
Based on the BarrioExpert technology and the benefits it is known for

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